What is AWS ? (Amazon Web Services)

AWS is way to establishing a worldwide data presents without the cost of building a cloud. Now a days cloud, cloud Computing, cloud storage is a buzz word, Cloud is actually just a bunch of data centers If you ever deal with the cloud vendor you might just heard saying how many pops do you have? or how many point of presence or how many data centers are you in.

Again What is AWS is all about is very similar to shipping a package.
If we want to ship a product from one place to other place, I can accomplish delivering product in 2 ways

  1. By myself, I can get my car that I need to make sure is tuned up and ready to go it’s got oil, and I will chec k
    everything and check everything is working fine and I will start driving, I will stop for fuel and fill up and
    I will reached that place and I will get down the car and deliver package , It is one way of doing it.
  2. You can pay to shipping company they got everything needed for shipping a product, they got trucks, people to drive ,
    , got planes, basicaly they got all infrastructure to deliver all products

That is basically amazon AWS, they have all functionality needed to establish a cloud, your goal is to get into a
data center you want to get your servers connected on the internet in the best possible, rather then going traditional
way of setting up server, for that you need losts of equipment and you need to install firewall and switches
and you install storage and many more work and at the end of day it is too much costly and lost of maintenance wor k
Amazon saw this as an opportunity, Amazon already build world class infastructure for there site, amazon have data center s
all over the world, they have 1 or 2 data center for one region, and all you data replicated all data centers and regions
You will get world over presses with couple of clicks and infastructure for our site , you only pay for per use ,
AWS have losts of services that you can use

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