What is Javascript?

In this article I am try to answer following question regarding the Javascript

  1. What is Javascript ?
  2. What can you do with it ?
  3. Where does Javascript code runs ?
  4. What is the difference between Javascript & ecmascript ?
  1. What is Javascript ?

Javascript is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages and the world right now is growing faster than. Any other programming languages. And big companies like Netflix Walmart and pay pal build internet applications around Javascript average salary of a Javascript developer is very high, By learning javscript you can work as front end developer and backend developer or fullstack developer who knows both the front end and the backend.

2.What can you do with it?

Long time Javascript was only used in browsers to build interactive web pages some developers refer to Javascript as a toy language but those days are gone because of huge community support and investments by large companies like Facebook and Google these days you can build full blown web or mobile apps as well as real time networking applications like chat and video streaming service as command line tools even games

3.Where does Javascript code runs ?

Javascript was originally designed to run only in browsers, so every browser as what we call a Javascript engine that can execute Javascript code for example Firefox have spider monkey and chrome have V8 engine In 2009 engineer called Ryan Dahl took the open source Javascript engine in chrome and embedded inside C++ he called that programm node. Node includes Google’s V8 javascript engine and embedded in C++, With the use of node we can tun Javascript out side of browsser, node provide a runtime environment for our javascript code.

4.What is the difference between Javascript & ecmascript ?

Ecma is just a specification,Javascript is a programming language that confirms that is specifications so we have this organization called Ecma which is responsible for defining standards they take care of this ECMAScript specification the first version of make ECMAScript was released in June 1997

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